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MILTON, J.: Paradise Regained (Unabridged)

MILTON, J.: Paradise Regained (Unabridged)

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Category: Poetry
Milton, John
Lesser, Anton
Catalogue No.: NA239912
ISBN No.: 9789626343999
Total Playing Time: 02:15:52

Track Details

Disc 1

Milton, John - author(s)

Paradise Regained 02:15:52
1 Paradise Regained - The First Book 00:03:47
2 Oh ancient powers of Air and this wide World 00:04:31
3 So to the coast of Jordan he directs 00:03:54
4 Meanwhile the Son of God, who yet some days 00:04:36
5 This having heard, straight I again revolved 00:02:52
6 Full forty days he passed – whether on hill 00:03:54
7 Whom thus answered the Arch-Fiend, now undisguised: 00:03:10
8 To whom our Saviour sternly thus replied 00:03:41
9 So spake our Saviour; but the subtle Fiend 00:03:32
10 The Second Book 00:03:30
11 Thus they out of their plaints new hope resume 00:03:18
12 The while her Son, tracing the desert wild 00:03:51
13 To whom quick answer Satan thus returned 00:03:38
14 He ceased, and heard their grant in loud acclaim 00:03:46
15 He viewed it round 00:04:34
16 ‘What doubts the Son of God to sit and eat?` 00:04:18
17 To whom thus Jesus patiently replied 00:04:03

Disc 2

Milton, John - author(s)

Paradise Regained 02:15:52
1 The Third Book 00:03:13
2 To whom our Saviour calmly thus replied 00:04:10
3 To whom the Tempter, murmuring, thus replied 00:04:36
4 To whom our Saviour answer thus returned 00:04:15
5 With that (such power was given him then), he took 00:03:43
6 He looked, and saw what numbers numberless 00:04:26
7 To whom our Saviour answered thus, unmoved 00:04:19
8 The Fourth Book 00:02:37
9 And now the Tempter thus his silence broke 00:04:10
10 To whom the Son of God, unmoved, replied 00:03:42
11 Whom thus our Saviour answered with disdain 00:04:08
12 Look once more, ere we leave this specular mount 00:02:55
13 To whom our Saviour sagely thus replied 00:03:04
14 Or, if I would delight my private hours 00:03:50
15 So saying, he took (for still he knew his power Not yet expired) 00:03:30
16 Him walking on a sunny hill he found 00:03:15
17 To whom the Fiend, now swoln with rage, replied 00:03:46
18 But Satan, smitten with amazement, fell 00:02:07
19 ‘True Image of the Father, whether throned...` 00:05:11