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Featured Titles

They Saw It Happen
Eyewitness accounts from Ancient Greece to Hiroshima

Here are more than sixty eyewitness accounts from history. Many are notable events: the Battle of Thermopylae, the Black Death in 1341, the Great Fire of London, the execution of Louis XVI, the Death of Nelson and the American Civil War and the bombing of Hiroshima. But there are also snapshots of more ordinary life – no less memorable for that – including working conditions during the Industrial Revolution, views of slave owners and slaves, Paul Gaugin choosing a bride on Tahiti and the arrest of Dr Crippen. It is a fascinating and absorbing collection, bringing the past alive as only direct memories like these can do. A unique collection of accounts brought to life on audiobook with music of the period.


A Guide to Wine

An entertaining and informative introduction to wine Julian Curry, actor and wine buff, has devised this unique audiobook guide to wine which takes the listener to the heart of wine-making and wine drinking in a clear but light-hearted manner. However rich and complex the subject of wine may be, he insists it is also hugely rewarding and great fun… Curry’s informative and entertaining programme begins with a description of work in vineyard and cellar. It outlines the many choices faced by grape-grower and wine-maker, resulting in the variety of different styles of wine produced. It continues with wine’s journey from winery to gullet, with advice on cellaring, buying, serving, food-matching and tasting. It then moves on to thumbnail sketches of the grape varieties most commonly used, their natural habitats and related styles of wine. And it concludes with a lengthy section devoted to all of the major wine regions, in Old World and New. A Guide to Wine also includes a booklet with maps of the main wine regions, a brief guide to the main styles of wine and a useful basic wine vocabulary in half-a-dozen languages.